Room Sharing With Baby // What Is It Really Like?

13010664_10209448810755900_9171338976818820074_nWhen Manny and I moved to Massachusetts, we moved from a studio apartment. Manny and I enjoyed living in a small space and didn’t have much furniture; so we chose a one-bedroom apartment to move into. We humored the idea of moving into another studio; thinking the baby would fit in nicely…goodness I’m so glad we didn’t choose that! 
Right now our one-bedroom apartment suits us perfectly. I think as soon as Conrad starts crawling (and he is threatening to very soon!) and walking, we will definitely be ready for a bigger space. For now, we all share the room. It certainly has it’s challenges; but it works for us!
For the most part we like having Conrad in our room. We attempted co-sleeping; but our bed is small and Conrad just keeps growing and growing…and growing. He slept in a Moses basket next to our bed for the first 3.5 months before transitioning into a crib across the room. Here are some of our favorite (and not so favorite) things about sharing a room with him!
1. Especially in the first few months when baby is waking several times in the night, it’s much much easier to have them sleeping right next to you. Manny woke up for every night time feeding, changed Conrad’s diaper and then handed him to me to feed. It was much more restful for me to not have to get out of bed or leave the room 3+ times a night. 
2. You can monitor your baby from the comfort of your own bed. In the first few weeks we were constantly checking to make sure Conrad was comfortable and breathing well at night. It was nice to be able to just look over the edge of the bed to check on him! Now he is older and (mostly) sleeping through the night. If I wake up during the night it’s nice to be able to hear him breathing over in the corner!
3. In our case, Conrad sleeps really well with us in the room. He sleeps EVEN better when he is in bed with us; but we reserve that for daytime naps. 
4. We can respond quickly when Conrad needs us and can soothe him before he gets worked up when he wakes up scared in the middle of the night. 
Not so Favorites:
1. We have to be very very stealthy when going in/out of the room at night. Conrad is a very light sleeper and sometimes wakes with the littlest noises! 
2. Babies are noisy sleepers; and in our case Conrad is no exception. He sucks his thumb, snores, snorts, grunts, squawks and occasionally babbles in the night…all in his sleep. As you can probably imagine, we wake with some of these noises; so some of our nights aren’t super restful even if he sleeps really well. 
It can be quite exhausting trying to figure out what is best for your child, you, your marriage, your sanity…A few months after Conrad was born, we started really researching and reading different parenting books; hoping to glean some wisdom and advice from the experts. Different things work for different families and this is what works for ours. The biggest thing we have learned through all our reading, research and conversations with other parents, is that our baby isn’t going to be exactly like any one else’s baby. In the meantime we enjoy the comfort of having our baby in our room, napping with him during the day and some separation at night. He is growing up so fast and we’re going to enjoy this for as long as we can!
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