Tuck and Bundle // Wear Your Baby

Processed with VSCOManny and I received this beautiful wrap from Tuck and Bundle, a new baby wrap company headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. (Fun fact: I was actually born in Texas but have never been back since. Maybe one day!) We love to support small companies and products made in the USA; and are excited that they asked us to review their wrap!Processed with VSCOThe wrap came beautifully packaged; and I was excited to try it out with Conrad right away! Our little bug loves love loves being worn. We learned this the first day we brought him home from the hospital. He was so fussy and I pulled out our wrap and he fell right to sleep. Now Manny and I wear him at some point every day. He loves being close to us and the wrap provides that comfort for him; while also freeing up our hands. He loves to snuggle up in the wrap while we cook, clean, go on walks and even while we are just hanging out at home or visiting friends.
Processed with VSCO
Conrad has just started getting nervous around people he doesn’t recognize. I’ve notice that when we are wearing him he is much more calm around people he doesn’t know. Being close to us gives him so much comfort and security! Processed with VSCOOur Tuck and Bundle wrap is very comfortable to wear. Sometimes he gets so comfortable he will even fall asleep; but alas those moments are fewer and further between now that he is older! 
The fabric of the wrap is lightweight; which means our little boy doesn’t get too hot and sweaty in it. It’s great to wear inside around the house and outside in spring and summer temperatures. I’m looking forward to a walk on the beach with our new Tuck and Bundle wrap very soon! Processed with VSCOConrad is over 13 pounds now. He has nearly doubled his birth weight! It’s really crazy to look back at pictures and see how much he has changed in just a few short months. (Manny and I may or may not have a little couch party once a week when we look at ‘old’ pictures of him while he is in the other room sleeping…) My back gets so sore from carrying him all the time; but when he is in the wrap I barely notice the weight!
Tuck and Bundle wraps are not available for purchase yet. Visit their website, Instagram or Facebook page for updates! You can sign up for their newsletter on the website to receive updates. They have some beautiful wraps coming very soon for purchase!
Processed with VSCO

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