Let’s Go Surfin’ Now // A Summer Bucket List

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Two weeks ago we got a little taste of summer; and boy did it taste good! I spent nearly all day outside with Conrad, only coming in for naps and lunch. I laid a blanket on the grass and my barefoot boy, dressed only in shorts and a t-shirt, stared up at the treetops and the blue sky. I watched as he stared in wonder as planes passed by and thought to myself, “Wow! Summer is going to be great!” Now we are in our second day of spring and I’m watching out the window at the snow coming down and feeling a little glum about it…but I know that nicer weather is just around the corner! We may be getting a little ahead of ourselves, but Manny and I started to make a summer bucket list anyway. We like to do this every summer; but this summer we are especially excited to have little Conrad in tow to enjoy most of the activities with us! 
Here are some of the things we have added to our list. What are some of your favorite summer activities with/without a baby? 
2. Visit the wolf hollow in Ipswich
3. Day trip to Portland, Maine 
4. Day trip to Boston
5. Tour the farm where Manny works 
6. Babyless (!!) date at least once per month
7. Take a nature walk at least once a week
8. Have dinner outside at least once a week (and invite neighbors to join us!)
9. Try one new recipe each week (introduce Conrad to new foods as well!)
10. Take one mountain hike with Conrad
11. Visit the farmer’s market or farm stand each week
12. Attend an outdoor music event at the Crane Estate in Ipswich
13. Take a short vacation to Rhode Island to visit friends, family, Narragansett Beach and Brickley’s Ice Cream! 
14. Take our first family bike ride (pending us getting some bikes!)
15. Maine vacation with Bankston family
16. End of summer trip to the Adirondacks 


Also, this song is definitely getting me in the mood!

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