Happy (very) First Birthday // A Letter to Conrad

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Dear Conrad, 
You are four months old and I am finally sitting down to write the story of your very first birthday. I want to remember every minute of the day that I first met you and I want you to be able to read it one day yourself! 
A few weeks before you were born, your Papi and I went to an appointment with our midwife. She felt my belly and noticed that you had turned to the breech position. We had to have an ultrasound to confirm it and sure enough you were breech!
We did lots of things to try to get you to turn around. I went to a chiropractor and an acupuncturist. I laid upside down on an ironing board while your Papi sang to you (hoping that you would move toward his voice!) We put an ice pack on your head, thinking that it would make you uncomfortable enough to move away from it. We even tried moxibustion. After all of those things didn’t work, we went to the hospital to have a Dr. turn you manually. He turned you three times and each time you snuggled right back into your original position. Your Papi and I joked that you must have liked having your head close to my heart.
We had to schedule a c-section because of your breech position. I was very disappointed to have to do that because your Papi and I had planned a natural birth; but you were very determined to keep your head up!
One day before your scheduled c-section, you let us know that you were ready to come out! I guess you didn’t feel like waiting for the day we planned on having you. We are very happy that you were able to choose your own birthday and not the one we chose for you! 
I was so excited to feel the first pains of labor on Sunday night around 9:00. Your Papi was very intent on timing each contraction and we stayed up late wondering if we were going to meet you soon. On Monday morning things were still moving pretty slowly; but around noontime the contractions started to get much closer together and a lot stronger. I took a shower and called your Papi to come home from work.
We packed our bags and rushed to the midwife’s office. We were still holding out hope that maybe you had turned around; but as we expected you were still hanging out in the same position. The midwives brought us over to the hospital where the doctors and nurses started to prep me for the surgery.
We didn’t know if you were a boy or a girl but we both guessed you were a boy before we went into the operating room! Your Papi held my hand and kissed me while we waited for you. Were were in the operating room for only a few minutes before you came out! The surgeon lifted you up and Papi got his first look at you. “It’s a boy! We have a boy!” We were right! You were so beautiful and so full of life. I can’t describe it.
Unfortunately, you weren’t breathing properly when you first entered the world. You were whisked away to the special care nursery so that the nurses and doctors could monitor you for your first few hours. It was really hard to be separated from you but your Papi took such good care of you. He stayed with you in special care the whole time. He sang to you and held your hand through the whole process. He loves you so much!
When you were released from the special care nursery, your Papi brought you downstairs to our hospital room. He handed you to me to hold for the first time. I was in shock the first time I held you. You opened your big blue eyes, eager to meet me. None of it felt quite real until I felt your Papi’s arms around me as you laid on my chest and I cried tears of joy. We stared at you for hours and held your little hands. It was such a special day in our lives.
Conrad, your Papi and I can’t wait to show you the world. You have already given us so much joy in the few short months that you have been here. You are such a sweet boy; so observant and curious. We are eager to take you on hikes, introduce you to the people we love, feed you yummy foods and watch you grow! I cry thinking about all of the ways you have already changed and grown, but am astounded by how my love grows for you with each passing day.
Conrad, you are a true joy.
I love you.
Love, Mom.
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